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Connelly has served Oroville-area district well


Posted: 03/20/16, 11:51 PM PDT


Connelly has served Oroville-area district well

Well, “We’ve got Bill Connelly right where we want him.” At least that was a clear message from voters last election. We want him to stay as our 1st District supervisor. Let’s confirm that with our vote this June when he is up for re-election as Butte County supervisor.

Almost no one takes issue with his leadership and management contributions as supervisor over his almost 12-year tenure. Just to name a few:

• No one can deny his record of fiscal responsibility in maintaining budgetary discipline during the economic downturn that crippled so many other local governments.



• He leads county fights on many fronts to preserve its water rights so critical to its viability, a record that is legend in both Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

• He is tenacious in assuring our forest access, supporting the veterans memorial for over 15 years and vets’ rights at Butte College.

• He is an accessible, “home-grown” representative who listens to our needs, seeks answers to our problems and fights for our solutions.

It absolutely makes sense to continue in office an elected official who is responsible and responsive to his or her constituents. Connelly is one of those elected officials who not only meets but far exceeds that test. His capabilities and dedication to the welfare of our district and all of Butte County is well documented.



I urge you to support him in his campaign and to vote for him in the June election.

— Linda Ames, Oroville



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