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His maternal family settled in Oroville around 1914. His parents, two sons and two grandchildren currently reside in Butte County. Bill graduated from Oroville High School he married Ceci and enlisted in the Airforce. His service concluded he moved back to Oroville and purchased a small business. He raised his family in Butte County by traveling when necessary to work and by owning business’s in Butte County. 


Twelve years ago Bill’s passion for the local community’s improvement and the challenge of government service enticed him to run for District 1 Supervisor. His long family and business experiences in Butte County prepared him to bring a wealth of understanding of the issues and interests of District 1 to the Supervisor’s position. He observed a need for real local representation where District 1 comes first and foremost while balancing the overall needs of Butte County. The people agreed and he won by a large margin in all three of his supervisorial elections.


When Bill was faced with water policy decisions, he stood up to the major water districts and DWR. He has not crumpled under pressure to short settle the relicensing of the Oroville Dam nor has he gave in to a desire by others to control our local surface and ground water. He is well known around the state on his knowledge of California water law and local surface and ground water demands. He is also a member of the Sutter Butte Flood Control Board which has made tremendous and timely strides in repairing and upgrading Feather River levee system.


With the knowledge garnered from running business’s for thirty five years in good and lean times he advocated for a balanced budget at Butte County. Working closely with the other supervisors the budget remained balanced the last eleven years. He does not believe in deficit government spending. 


With his years of running small business he is against unnecessary new rules and regulations and regularly protests the new local, state and federal laws as they come forth. He is a friend of labor and companies alike, always fighting to stop the anti-business culture the state forces on us in District 1.


To better serve Butte County and in particular District 1 Bill serves as the Butte County Chair,  the Chair of Butte County Association of Governments, serves on the California Local Area Formation Committee, Biggs-Gridley Joint Powers Association, the Sacramento Valley EMS Board, the California State Association of Counties and is a Salvation Army Board Member. He is a member of the Catholic Church, the Oroville Sunrise Rotary Club, the Masons, the Shriners, the Eagles, the Moose, Ducks Unlimited, California Water Fowl and the American Legion. 


His public activities make him approachable and he is known to listen to all sides of an issue. That stated his two sons, their wives and children are why he fights with a passion for a better District, County, and State where we may succeed in work and enjoy our time off.

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