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Quick Facts About Bill


- 60 years in District 1 of Butte County


- First and always runs to serve his constituents first


- Easy to access  


- Very strong defender of local water rights


- Fighting for an equitable relicensing of the Oroville Dam


- Working to protect our farms and cities from floods


- Believes government should not deficit spend


- Lobbies against unnecessary regulations


- Serves on several government and civilian boards and commissions


- Very active in the community


- Desires a better District 1 and Butte County for his children and grandchildren

Bill Connelly Butte County Veterans Memorial Park



I have been working on the re-licensing of the Oroville Dam since before I was supervisor. I believe Butte County deserves to be compensated for the loss of taxable land that was lost when the dam was built. There are impacts to county resources every day (sheriff patrol, fire department, etc.). In addition, I believe we need to protect our own groundwater and stop sending (selling) it to Southern California to fill up their lavish swimming pools. So. Cal needs to stop building where there is no water.


I have worked very hard to bring some relief to our law-abiding citizens who have been negatively impacted by marijuana. Our board was instrumental in getting an ordinance passed that would minimize the illegal grows in our area.


Southside in Oroville is just one of the neighborhoods that needed to be annexed into the city limits. It was not about sidewalks or code enforcement—it was about representation. The citizens of Southside should be able to vote where it matters—in the city in which they spend their money. This was finally accomplished in the summer of 2015


I have been working on this project for nearly 15 years. The goal is to build a park that will honor those local (Butte County) veterans that lost their lives while serving in the military. We have made great strides toward this end.

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